Influencing without Power

45-minute Keynote

Everyday Courage – changing one step at the time


1:25 p.m. – 2:10 p.m. Tuesday 5th


Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary




  • Bias Towards Action: do the work and show the results before the doubters talk you out of it
  • Learn how to draw negative space to highlight underrepresented or missing information
  • Clarify people’s expectations and come prepared to make goals a reality
  • Never Fear Your Light: become comfortable with being stared at, standing out and dreaming wildly

Lessons from Life, Art and Literature

Even from a position where you seemingly have no power, you can make a difference. Quality is increasingly becoming a whole team’s responsibility. Testers are becoming coders, explorers, coaches, communicators and so much more. How do we get our team on board to make changes? How do we examine the products we build and who we are building it for? How do we advocate for quality? How do we lead by example and make a difference?

In this keynote, Marianne takes you on a journey through her own influencing experiences: from getting people to speak up and be heard, to getting promoted, to failing to make a difference when she didn’t believe in her own strength. Drawing lessons from life, art and literature, Marianne hopes to inspire you to find your courage and dares you to affect change one step at the time.

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