I can’t do this… alone! A Tale of Two Learning Partners

45-minute Keynote

Two heads are always better than one… pair up and watch magic happen!


4:55 p.m. – 5:40 p.m. Friday 8th


Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary


Testers, developers, product owners, business analysts, scrum masters


  • Pair up to achieve your challenges and surpass yourselves
  • Break out of the “would never dare to do this” loop and get started
  • Embrace diversity and open your world to endless possibilities
  • Become a compelling role model to inspire peers to build the testing community

Finding a Learning Partner in the Testing Community

How to get from being scared of public speaking to becoming keynote speakers in only three years? An inspirational story cultivated and brewed right here at Agile Testing Days 2016, sees two individuals from different ends of the world strike up a learning partnership that has seen them grow tremendously in a short space of time. Lisi and Toyer will share a unique inspirational journey where accountability and motivation has proven to be a major driving force behind their recent achievements.

What started off as a public speaking challenge transformed into an inspiring partnership that has exceeded its initial expectations and grown to include others. From pairing with testers across the world to converting a mind map to a programmatic test reporting tool. From mob programming excellence to starting a cross-continental power learning group. From “becoming code-confident” to stepping into leadership, this journey has seen both of them touch on many current situations and problems faced by many testers around the world, technical and analytical.

Discover how people from different continents, countries, companies, and cultures can work together to achieve one common goal. Get tips and tricks to get started and also keep going. The answer to gaining the desired knowledge might be sitting with a peer in another part of the world – so break down the barriers of distance, share your ideas and experiences, and find your personal testing buddy!

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