Git for Testers

This workshop provides an introduction to Git especially for testers with only the minimal theoretic basics and a lot of practical examples.

More often than not, it’s the developers and architects that make the decision which tools to use in a project. In recent years, git has become the tool of choice for many teams due to its flexibility and performance. As a tester in such a team, this can be daunting. Even developers struggle with merge conflicts, and most people have seen examples of „git histories“ that look like bad guitar hero instructions! Nevertheless, using the project’s preferred tools is an important part of being embedded and involved in a project.

In this workshop, Kevin will offer information, examples and exercises to get you fit in git. As a developer who works closely with testers in his team, he’ll extract the most important information to give you the head start you need.

The focus is on the most important commands (pull, push, commit) and there will be some exercises on dealing with the dreaded merge conflict. The exercises use both the command line and the tooling in the Eclipse IDE, so you’ll be able to adapt your knowledge to whatever project situation you’re in.

The structure of the workshop will be:

Introduction to the minimal theoretical basics of git

Setup and configuration

Exercises for the basic commands

Dealing with merge conflicts

After participating in the workshop, you will feel more secure using git and more aware of how these most necessary commands can be used.

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