Getting your Agile UX process off the ground

tips and tricks to make your transition successful

Getting a UX team to move to an Agile practice can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. We will draw on our experience to illustrate some of the challenges and opportunities.

When one of our development teams began their transition to an Agile process, we had the opportunity to move the UX designers as well. We were able to have a smooth and successful transition because of the four steps that we followed in defining and rolling out our new way of working. Anyone can apply this framework to their situation and have a similarly positive outcome.

The presentation will explain what to look for in your current state to inform your new process. This includes identifying the behaviors that are working, so that you can continue to leverage them, and those that require improvement. Looking at your development team’s Agile process and finding which elements you can leverage for your team is also a critical step that we will explore in detail. Once you have gone through that and are ready to socialize your new Agile UX process, we will discuss the best way to socialize it to get buy-in from the other functional areas that you work with. The final step is to set your team up for success by clearly defining what pieces of the process need to be in place and when, as well as rolling out the new process in stages.

Hearing about our lessons learned, you will be able adapt this process for your own UX team and be able to successfully convert to an Agile UX way of working.

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