NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


We can't all be Gandalf

Finding your learning style

Awareness of your learning style can help you to learn more easily.

There are different learning styles: (heory by Kolb:) • Feeling • Hearing • Watching • Doing
There are different kinds of intelligence. (Theory by Gardner): • musical-rhythmic, • visual-spatial, • verbal-linguistic, • logical-mathematical, • bodily-kinesthetic, • interpersonal, • intrapersonal, and • naturalistic.

In my talk I give a quick view on the differences of these styles, and give recommendations how to get to know your own style and use it to improve your learning skills

There are a few conditions that are necessary for learning: Well-being and Involvement. In my presentation I explain why these are necessary. Also, I make a statement that we have to accept that growth is not always possible. Give yourself some slack sometimes, and don't hate yourself for it.

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