Transparency: A holistic approach to software quality

Take your testing career to the next level by shifting your focus to transparency.

The variables that impact software quality go far beyond the variables that are defined in the codebase. Trish Khoo explains how shifting focus from testing to transparency can turn an ordinary tester into a super tester.

Any testing activity is essentially an exercise in increasing transparency within the team. For example, running test cases brings clarity to the behaviour of the system under test. Reporting a bug gives information to the team that was previously unknown. So if transparency is the true charter of testing, how else can a tester increase transparency of the system under test? Some examples include technical activities such as monitoring, code reviews and logging. Even more examples can be found in the way that the team shares information with each other, the types of interactions team members have with each other, and the willingness to share information within the team.

Testers spend their time examining the impact of human behaviour upon a system. By examining the impact of human behaviour upon the entire development process, testers can increase the scope of their work with powerful results.

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