NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


The Art of Splitting User Stories

How to achieve a lot more impact with baby steps?

Achieving a high impact and a high value for the stakeholders is crucial in our industry

This course will be a journey to explore ideas & approaches on how to achieve more with smaller steps. A lot of practical group exercises will help you to establish and facilitate discussions about the right value and the right split of work items in your team... and the covered approaches are applicable to more then just software development user stories.

What will be covered?

  • Motivation for small stories and the risk of big work items
  • What is a good story size and what a good story split?
  • Approaches to split stories (including the Hamburger method, User Story Mapping, etc) -- with practical hands-on exercises
  • How and when to leverage design thinking approaches?
  • Complexity theory & splitting: how cynefin can help us to decide how to split?
  • Applying stoy splitting ideas to change management

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Equipment required

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