Test Management in Agile

Test strategy, test planning, test documentation and test management roles in agile.

There is still need for test management in Agile but it is done differently

In this full day tutorial we look at different aspects of test management in Agile

We start the tutorial by looking at the list of ‘old-school’ test management activities and discuss their value. Are they stil done in an agile context, done by the team or done by someone else. Based on the outcome of this excercise we will discuss, explain and experience different test management activities. We will make (by means of an exercise) an agile test strategy for a specific application, and learn how we can plan and monitor testing in a sprint and over sprints. We will use session based testing for this. We will also do an exercise with light weight documentation (one page test plan and test charters).

In larger organizations we see there is a need for test management like roles. For instance where compliance issues are important, in big projects where testing in different teams should be coördinated, as line manager of a test pool or resonsible for develoment of test craftmenship. In this part of the  workshop we will explore in which situation a test manager is justified. For the four most important variants the attendees will answer four question in small groups:

  • Situation in which a test manager is justified
  • Activities and tasks
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Added value

The attendees will present the outcome to each other.

At the end of the tutorial the attendees understand and have experienced basic test management activities in an agile environment. They also know which test management like roles can add value in agile organizations.

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