November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Test Encapsulation

Rahul Verma

Run time introspecting automated tests

Subscription Model for Automated Regression Testing

Meta-programming for automated tests

A framework which implements Test Encpasulation


Test Encapsulation

Automated Tests that Decide for Themselves

Stop writing dumb automated tests. Let them think.

Test Encapsulation has its basis in a research paper I wrote about a decade back for Testing Experience magazine and later presented in a some conferences. At the heart of test encapsulation is instrospection - making 'test' the most powerful component of the test automation engine, providing all meta data to it so that it can make run time decisions for itself. It's a complete rethinking of the way test automation engines are architected internally.

The ideas were at a very nascent stage at that time. And well, they were just ideas and I was told how impossible they were. So, I ended up experimenting with the concept for almost a decade, creating 20+ automation engines, big and small, touching the philosophies to various levels. They had varying amount of success w.r.t. where I wanted them to be.

At last, I have got it right to a fair extent. This presentation would be more than theoretical exploration of possibilities. I would demonstrate a test engine that achieves many of the ideas that I discuss. The engine would be free and open-sourced so that attendees can freely experiment further.

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