NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


(test automation in) Java for testers

Learn the essence of Java programming in only two days

Automated testing is getting hotter by the minute and Java is one of the main programming languages used for it. For this two day workshop in Java from an experienced instructor, no prior programming experience is needed. It offers you all the relevant Java theory but more importantly plenty of practice. In addition, you will learn about and work with the popular open source tools FitNesse, Cucumber and Selenium / WebDriver. You will bring back home working automated tests that you created!

The workshop is divided in two parts, with all topics applied to test automation:
- Java fundamentals (variables, methods, operators, if, while, for, ...),
- Object Oriented Programming (classes, constructors, inheritance, ...), including 'page objects'.

And last but not least, it will be fun!

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