Stepping into your user's shoes

A structured approach for better usability

How to use the Cognitive Walkthrough to improve the usability of your application

With growing expectation of the users, it matters not only to create an application which includes the best features but also whether these features could be easily understood by the user or not. Nowadays, a focus on user experience is highly important and appreciated. Conducting usability studies with actual users is recommended but it could be a very expensive and time-consuming process, which doesn’t fit well in the agile development cycle.

In this workshop, we will learn to step into our user’s shoes to improve their experience by practicing the Cognitive Walkthrough. The word cognitive in psychology relates to the mental process , i.e. perception, thinking and learning. Hence, the Cognitive Walkthrough is a formal way of imagining user's thoughts and actions when they use an interface for the first time. We will focus on

  • Understanding the parameters of the Cognitive Walkthrough with examples.
  • Performing usability inspection without a personal opinion.
  • Listing usability issues while designing, developing or testing an application.

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