NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Revolutionary Feedback Pizza

Giving feedback = Ordering a pizza.

Talk to people in a way they would communicate with themselves.

Imagine that you have to order a pizza for a colleague, but… There are 4 kinds of pizza available. Which one do you choose? You’re not a psychologist, so you don’t know what he likes.

There’s an easy solution for that – Order 1 pizza with each quarter having different flavour. Your colleague will like at least one of them for sure! All you have to do is anticipate what he needs, and accomodate yourself to it.


Who are you?
Skip these boring professional roles - Tester, Developer, Manager, Analyst...
No, I mean, who are you really? And how do you talk to your team?

I’m yellow. I’m enthusiastic, social and dynamic. I’m important in my team because I generate new ideas and bring positive inspirational atmopshere. I hate boring data and facts, please don’t send me long detailed emails, I won’t read them anyway. Be aware that I can take lots of things personally. When I’m stressed out I behave erratically and make fast decisions without thinking them through. I am an unpatient challenge – seeker.  

1. This is the way I want to get a feedback.

2. This is a way I can not give a feedback.

My IT introvert geeks would go crazy immediately. I have to adjust my speech and approach my team mates accordingly to their needs, so that they can understand what I am trying to communicate.


What does it mean exactly?
I send only emails with precise data to Charlie. I never brainstorm with Lucas, I give him clear instructions on what to do. I always have to carefully listen to Ashley, she needs time to process things.


Do you want to know more? Be there at Wednesday at 16:25pm!
I will uncover you how to immediately recognize a specific style of people in your team and get them on the same page with you in as quickly as possible. But prepare youself, this will change your way of giving feedback forever.


At the end of my session, be ready for a funny and interactive colourful call to action.
Get to know people around you!

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