Quality Transformation

Some Challenges Moving to the Next Generation QA

The role of a quality assurance team needs to adapt to the realities of CI/CD and DevOps reality

What is the role of Next Generation QA in DevOps and CI/CD world? It used to be that QA was a group dedicated to managing compliance certifications, responsible for manual testing or coordinating trainings in Lean or Agile. While some of those things still need to be managed, in an automated CI/CD world, test and infrastructure automation, release orchestration and security are the new areas where QA can make its contribution.

This talk will focus on the challenges of transitioning from old style QA to the next generation of QA services. There is a technical component to the transformation as well as management and culture elements which need to be addressed collectively.

Building on the experience of several software transformations, I will present some steps which companies can take to ease the transition from an old style, inspection QA to a Next Generation proactive QA well-integrated with development and with Operations. Today, NGQA can be the glue to bind them together with the third tier of DevOps, security.

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