Practical ideas how to make regression testing fun

Thinking about different approaches in the bug detection is what makes you a creative tester.

Can you imagine running the same thousands of tests for every deployment? Agree, it’s boring. It’s also a waste of talent: testers enjoy exploratory, creative testing, and this is where they bring the most value.

Due to having a large number of test cases to be executed manually prior to the release there was no time left for testers to think creatively, thus existing test cases used to define the level of testing. While being inspired by exploratory testing heuristics and eliminating the routine work, I got a feeling of personal freedom and responsibility to continually optimize the quality of my work.

During my talk I will to present the journey of how regression testing became one of my favorite job activities and fun for the whole team; how making test prioritization based on the change scope, proper understanding of customer main flows and other factors helped the team be focused on the right things and find important defects at the early stages. As a result of identifying problems and finding solutions to them we spend twice less time on regression testing delivering higher quality products to customers, are confident releasing a Beta version to hundreds of enterprise customers each month with no manual testing based on solid automation test suite.

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