NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


How to train a unicorn

Experience report on how to gain control and discipline over oneself

Don't Panic, Explore yourself and find what and when works for you!

I am a tester, yet I am also human. Trying to kick my depression's ass at the same time it's kicking mine, I've learned quite a few things and feel brave enough to share it.

This is an experience report. This is my journey. My failings. My learnings.

Whether you suffer the same, all the time, sporadically or never, I wish you will find there things to learn from my experience: A tester's approach to the hardships of life, of mental illness.

I will share with you my lifehacks, my metrics and daily insights that help me move forward, as well as I will aim to inspire attendees to seek help on their weakest of days. To find strength and reach out to other unicorns.

Join me on my testers journey of self improvement.

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