NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


How having a mentor changed my career

Feeling stuck? A mentor can be exactly what you need to get your career moving again.

As a young woman working as a trainee without an IT background, testing a mainframe at a large bank is hard enough. However, if your colleagues are too busy, the subject matter (Cobol) is tough and when you finally get an assignment it is taken away because they can do it faster, it becomes nearly impossible.

Frustrated because I felt ignored and useless because I could not add the value I wanted to, I nearly gave up. I didn't feel like an IT specialist at all, and without a proper chance to learn I would never become one. My luck changed when an external consultant was hired for test automation. I was assigned to help him understand the testing process, and thus he became my mentor for test automation.

This story is about how his mentoring changed my career and how I finally felt like an IT specialist and found my passion. You’ll hear from both of us; about what it's like to be mentored, what it takes to be an effective mentor and to help you understand why mentoring is so important.


Find out how this can also become your story, when you feel stuck in your career, unable to learn new skills (because becoming T-shaped is easy, right?) or frustrated by a poor learning environment. Discover through our story how mentoring, a proper learning environment and principles from Continuous Improvement can benefit both your career and company.

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