Hands-on Lab

Bonus Session

A full day of hands-on, collaborative exercises for testers. Use them here, take them home.


4:10 p.m. – 5:25 p.m. Tuesday 13th


Creative Space Room - Track 9: Bonus Sessions




  • Working in a group
  • Testing with strangers
  • Testing for fun
  • Precision, diagnostics, wrangling IoT devices, building confirmatory tests, exploring with tools

Come play with us, leave with great ideas for work

A range of hands-on collaborative exercises for testers.

This is a full-day workshop. We'll only run one exercise at a time, and will only run an exercise once. We may add, change and remove exercises. We'll provide outlines of all exercises to participants so they can run them themselves at their own workplaces.

  • Build an IoT device to control the web with a wave, and trigger real world events from the web. (Source: Particle "Internet Button", IFTTT, TestLabs)
  • Write JavaScript code to satisfy unit tests in Jasmine, integration tests in Cucumber, and user activity on a useful(ish) thing thing on a web page. (Source: an existing workshop)
  • Explore black box puzzles with an automated tool over an api. (Source: an existing workshop, new puzzles)
  • Work together to defuse a ticking bomb from hidden instructions (Source: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes)
  • Work together to repair a spaceship when none of you have all the controls (Source: SpaceTeam)
  • What Can I Learn by Testing with You – test something together and learn by observing collective decision-making and support. (Source: an existing workshop, new puzzles)
  • Taste Test - develop your judgement and palette. Using chocolate. (Source: Experimentation and Diagnosis workshop)


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Bonus Session