Hear Experiences, Know the Current World, Observe the Demonstration and Learn Better to Fight Better

Black-Hat Hackers are still better than White-Hat Hackers. We need to go beyond them to fight them.

Hacking is one of the areas which shall never stop until the software/hardware exists on this planet. Whatever is built can be compromised and its an order of nature. Some things will never change, but all we can do is protect ourselves from the majority of the attacks and also build solid secure layers around the software that we test. This helps in improving the privacy of our users and also protecting our businesses from the black-hat world. Alas! We have a massive skill shortage. Most white-hat hackers are script kiddies, toolsmith, checkers and someone who keeps running scanners only and then report them as vulnerabilities.

Santhosh Tuppad's question is, if black-hat hackers also use scanners or checkers to hack something, then why is that we have not been able to successfully stop them as we are also using scanners to identify vulnerabilities? Do you get his point? Think.

In this talk, Santhosh Tuppad is going to demonstrate the bad shape of software industry where security is not considered or taken seriously and how shallow or sloppy way of security testing is being done just for the namesake. Santhosh will not just be a pessimist, but also share his thoughts on how we can fix this problem of massive skill shortage and how one can foster their skills by upskilling themselves with characteristics of passion, self-educating, learning, digging deeper and more.

Are you ready for a jaw-dropping session? You bet.