Four nationalities, two countries, one team - can it work?

What makes or breaks a successful distributed team

Human behavior and interaction are topics being constantly demystified and still not completely understood. Even when you have two persons raised in the same surroundings, taught by the same principles, sometimes coexistence is just too hard - there is that unpredictable individuality which can mess up any equation. What happens when you add to that cultural differences, completely different upbringing and social norms? When being open and direct is normal behavior for Emma but absolutely terrifying or even rude for Jovan?

Creating a successful team consisting of people with Dutch, Turkish, Serbian and Hungarian origins, located in two countries, poses a serious challenge for each of its members. Sure, technology is here to help overcome that physical distance, but what about the rest?

Join us on our journey from a group of strangers staring at a TV screen to a fully functional, trusting and successful Scrum team consisting of friends. And if you want to hear how a fluffy unicorn fits in the picture - don’t miss this talk!

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