NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Automating Xamarin Apps with BDD

Gaining confidence about the functional quality

BDD is more relevant to Xamarin mobile development than you would think.

In this session, you can learn how to find the right automation strategy for the quality goals of your Xamarin mobile app, especially for the functional quality. Should you write UI tests and run them in the cloud? Or unit tests? Or maybe both? How can Behavior Driven Development and SpecFlow help you to make these tests better documented, better maintainable and more robust?

Mobile applications are short-lived. With the extremely fast changes of technology, devices and markets, you should expect to have to make a major update to your app every second year. So we need to remain flexible.

Mobile apps have high impact. The market can turn away from your app from one day to another. So quality is a must.

BDD allows you to focus your testing efforts, but remain reactive to technology and market changes. But for this purpose, one has to rethink the definitions of testing and quality.

SpecFlow is a tool to practice Behavior Driven Development (BDD), which is a new way of thinking about quality. BDD is more relevant to Xamarin mobile development than you would think.

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