NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


A stable of Unicorns?

Let's use Python to generate some test data from equestria!

I'll show you how a program written in under 7 minutes summons a stable of Unicorns for our testdata

In this session I'll show you in under 7 minutes how we can create new and dynamic test data using Python. A test tool that we later can use again to regenerate new test data just by the click of a button everytime we need something new.

Specifically I'll summon the Alicorns from Canterlot and the Cystal Empire alongside Earth,Pegasus and Unicorn ponies to make up a stable of magical ponies, will there even be tha fabled Kirin as well?

We'll see how we can compress and zip our test data, and if time permits upload it to our dropbox account.

Buckle up because this will be as fast as Rainbow Dash doing her Sonic Rainboom.

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