10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Minimum Viable Organisation

How much structure is enough in the quest for a healthy organisation?

Some say all management is waste, is that true? Agile equals flat structures but how flat?

Agile methods and teaching promote much flatter organisations, much more focus on the team and less management control or interference.  Taking some methods and writing literally we might believe that there is no need for management in agile organisations.  Is that true, can it be achieved, should it?

Having worked in many organisations of different sizes, Tom has spent some time in search of the Minimum Viable Organisation.  He will share ideas with you about the challenge for truly self-organising teams, decentralised decision making, minimal management and how these hold up in different contexts you see in the wild.

How much process & structure is enough, how does accountability work in self-organising environments and how does all this potential empowerment really play out for team members?

Tom will offer you many experiences from working across levels of organisation, which may help you answer questions in your companies search for a healthy organisation.

Should management exist, if so what should they be doing, might they be helpful after all?

Come along to this session and find out!  

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