10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps

Where does testing fit in a DevOps world? How can testers adapt?

DevOps encourages the development and operations team to work together. This broadens the network of people who collaborate to deliver a product, which creates opportunities for the boundaries of testing to expand and nature of testing to evolve.

Testing pushes right, towards production, once the development team understand the skills, practices and tools available in operations. Examples include on-demand infrastructure that enables testing in a production-like environment, feedback from A/B test experiments provided by customer metrics, or beta testing groups that offer rapid customer feedback.

DevOps increases the pace of delivery, which can challenge the strategy for testing new functionality. How can the development team investigate new functionality without unduly impeding release? The test approach adapts to include smart use of tools in test automation, monitoring and alerting, and rapid automated deploy and rollback.

Want to know more?

In this session Katrina will share a few thoughts from her book, A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps. She'll introduce DevOps, share some common DevOps practices for testing during development, in production, and against infrastructure, then explain how and why DevOps might alter test strategy.

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