Whole-team responsibility

Why really working as a team leads to great delivery

Teams who feel a collective responsibility for their work and each other the most successful teams.

We use the language of responsibility in agile all the time, words like; collaboration, trust, transparency and commitment. When a team feels responsibility for its work and to each other it can really fly. 

Too many times teams feel disempowered which can lead distrust within the team, blame withing the organisation, and ultimately little getting finished.  

So what does whole-team responsibility really mean? What does a team who has it look like? And what does a lack of responsibility do to a team, how it functions and what it delivers?

In this talk, Emily will use stories from agile teams backed up with examples from the field of social psychology to explore what effect responsibility can have on teams’ successful delivery and how collaboration and T-shaped people help whole-team responsibility. Emily will also be as sharing tips and approaches to help foster whole-team responsibility in your own team.

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