Veronika Betzel (she/her/her)

Veronika Betzel

Veronika Betzel, also called Vero, started out studying to become a teacher, but ended up discovering a passion for Quality Assurance (QA) by chance. Initially working in QA part-time while studying, Vero made the switch to working full-time in QA after completing her bachelor's degree.

Vero loves the diversity of her job, but what she enjoys most is the opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with others. She values directness and open discussions both personally and professionally. Vero loves to teach others, making her presentations both informative and engaging.

Starting QA in 2017 Vero has already amassed some experience in the QA field, working for two different companies. When she's not working, Vero can be found giving back to her community as a volunteer firefighter or kicking a ball around the soccer field. Whether at work or play, Vero is a communicator at heart and always looking to make a positive impact.

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