NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Lucian-Adrian Stroie

Lucian-Adrian Stroie

“The important things are mindsets! They will change you!” is Lucian’s motto.

He is currently working at R/GA where he has the opportunity to work with new technologies, brilliant design people and crafty developers, this blend resulting in award winning & innovative user experiences.

Getting in contact early in his career with Agile helped Lucian realise the importance of the human side of the development process. Since learning about Agile, he became an advocate of it. Exposure to varied types of software led Lucian to believe that applied coaching methods, communication and technical excellency are key ingredients for successful teams and product.

On the technical side , his latest interest is in exploring the interaction between users, computer interfaces, and data driven methods (e.g. AI, ML).

You can connect further on Twitter (@lucianadrian) or through his blog (

Sessions Hosted by Lucian-Adrian Stroie

30-minute Talk

Advanced session

Thursday 7th
Room F2 - Track 2: Talks

30-minute Talk

Beginner session

Friday 8th
Room F3 - Track 3: Future Topics

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