Astrid Winkler (she/her/her)

Astrid Winkler

Astrid is currently working as a Senior Project Manager with Swiss advertising & marketing firm named Face AG and is primarily responsible for the end-to-end success of multiple campaigns. 

While pursuing her professional certification in Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Astrid has been actively studying the field and applying her learning to make professionals' life easier. 

Her key strengths are her sharp observation skills (observing situations, subtleties of human behaviours and factors that have an impact on those) and her ability to quickly adapt to new environments. 

Recently she graduated from the Community Management Program at C-School where she can bring all her skills together.

During the time of the pandemic, Astrid supported Conferences by Test Masters Academy for Operations & Marketing fas well as she is supporting AST as Assistant Course Coordinator for BBST classes. Astrid takes pride in working as Director of Marketing & Sales for Tea-time with Testers magazine.

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