Antony Yammine (he/him/his)

Antony Yammine

With 9 years of experience in the software industry in my pocket, I am now a Principal Quality Assurance Domain Manager at Murex, a company providing leading digital technology solutions for capital markets. I ensure the delivery of Murex Analytics and Equity Derivatives teams' mission with quality best practices and methodologies, aiming at a steady introduction of new clients' features, that do not alter both the progress and quality of the platform. At Murex, I was privileged to take different jobs and titles. There is where I started as a Release Management Specialist, moving to Product Owner, and Scrum master within the Scaled Agile Framework reaching where and what I am today. But if we want to talk about the original person that I am, I am a Professional Basketball player who fans the essence of architectonics, which I went for a degree in. I was a Mechanical Engineer before I took the software journey!

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