Aaron Fritzsche

Aaron Fritzsche

I started my career as the first Software Tester directly assigned to a team, within a gaming company. Due to my involvement, I could contribute to quality improvements and I got the chance to hire two new testers, leaving me in the role of their Quality Manager.

After some years in this area, I also wanted to see the product side, so I decided to take the step up into team management for about 7 years.

Two years ago, Silpion IT-Solutions GmbH provided me with the opportunity of a leadership and consulting position in Software Quality Assurance.

My current function fields are a mixture of Agile/Quality Coach and Head of QA.

My vision is that we work all with agile thinking methods and people focused management on a team and organizational level.

My mission is to understand your workflows, methods and values and to consult you to improve quality (Whole team approach/shift left).

Please contact me anytime because I’m highly interested into knowledge exchange.

2021 Sessions Hosted by Aaron Fritzsche

  • Tutorial
  • Keynote
  • Talk
  • Workshop
  • Combo
  • Bonus
  • Social

30-minute Vendor Talk

2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
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