AgileTD Build Party 2017

Agile Teams Wanted
Host your own Agile Build Party!

don't hesitate and send us your ideas by email
until May 31st, 2017!

Submit your idea for this year's AgileTD Build Party

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You have a budget of

Money Bag


Create a Build Party


Tue 14 Nov afternoon to Thur 16 Nov night

*your travel & accommodation must be included in this budget

What should be part of the party?


Lectures of

Team Building, Scrum, Coding, Pair Programming and Pair Testing, eXtreme Manufacturing and Refactoring.


Hands-on work with

Tools like Hammer & Jigsaw, do some modelling by using materials like plywood or legos, have VR (virtual reality) Technologies & Glases involved, use 3D-Printing, connect it with the IoT (Internet of Things), and round it up with Drones, Robots or remote controlled vehicles.


All this should lead to a Grand Finale

The character of the Grand Finale depends on your build party idea. The Grand Finale could be a team challenge, where each team presents their results or where the teams meet for a contest, for example a race. In case the build party becomes a single project with the goal to build one big thing, the grand finale could be a presentation of the results, for example showcase a huge flying unicorn and tell the spectators about the challenges of building it and which agile methods helped you to achieve the goals.

Beer and Music Don‘t Forget Music and Beer

Don‘t hesitate! The best idea will get:


Agile Testing Days Free Ticket

(5 maximum)
Train and Hotel Key

Travel & Accommodation expenses covered

(5 maximum)
Dish and Fork

Invitation to the Speakers Dinner

(Monday 13 Nov. Evening)

All other papers will be awarded with special goodies, like conference discounts.

Send us your ideas by email until May 31st, 2017 in any creative way!

Mention the following things in your proposal

  • Please introduce all members of your build party team (max. 5 people)
  • Describe what you want to build
  • Mention all parts where you have incorporated the build party requirements
  • Create a schedule for lecture parts and the different sprints of your build party
  • Send a list of all needed Equipments & tools (including links where to buy it)
  • Let us know how you want to organize & buy all the stuff
  • Deliver a cost overview, which includes all costs for the needed tools, equipment and any other stuff (beer & sound will be sponsored by us)

Take a look to our previews buildparties for inspiration

Since 2014, the Agile Testing Days are hosting Build Partys as break out sessions where attendees can learn about the principles of SCRUM, Agile Teaming, eXtreme Manufacturing and many more!



In 2014 we built a Racing Car together with Joe Justice and WikiSpeed.

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In 2015 James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack hosted an Anything Build Party with the goal to build a Rube Goldberg Machine.

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In 2016 we did a Build Party CFP for the 1st time and published the results in a community vote. We received crazy ideas, like building a real Life Pac-Man or a big sized Ginger Bread House. The community voted very actively and finally decided for the Hovercraft Racers Build Party, which was hosted by Ordina.

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Your Turn!

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The Build Party CFP is open until May 31st, 2017

Please send your ideas to