Workflow Automation – An Experience Report

See the Power of Rethinking Automation

It is possible to automate workflows using a data-driven framework

Have you ever wanted to create automation as flexible as workflows or scenarios (having a generic guideline of what to test with the details left up to the tester), but simple enough to actually use?  

When Paul was assigned to be the Program Test Lead for a major transformation project at a Canadian government insurance company, he worked with all functional areas to create end-to-end workflows to check the individual components work together properly. It is a massive project with over 80 integrations. When Kimputing joined the project to create Performance Tests, it became apparent that his automation framework could easily support the data-driven automation of Paul’s workflows.  

Paul was HIGHLY skeptical that any automation would be helpful beyond simplistic sanity checking. Paul has since been proven wrong by the Kimputing team. (Paul actually wrote that last sentence) 

In this talk, Kim and Paul will discuss how Paul created the workflows and Kim converted them into flexible, data-driven automation also used for Performance testing and how they implemented high-volume API testing.

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