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Why Kubernetes Apps Require a New Approach to Testing

Tooling focused on testing hasn't caught up in the Cloud Native ecosystem. Complex CI/CD pipelines get in the way of achieving a culture of speed and resilience for DevOps teams. Let's solve that!

Microservices, CI/CD, DevOps, GitOps, cluster networking, etc — more and more teams are building software fundamentally differently than they did even a few years ago. However, testing approaches and tooling have not caught up yet. At least not until now.

What if you could apply the same type of GitOps and DevOps methodologies to your testing activities? Tests could be deployed and stored in a Kubernetes cluster, they could decoupled from your CI/CD, orchestrated in the cluster in the same way you do with your applications and not in your CI/CD, publish results aggregated in a common format and triggered with a simple API request. Looks promising right?

Let’s have a look at Testkube, an open-source framework that is moving to be the cloud-native testing framework for all your Tests in Kubernetes. Whether you are using Postman, Cypress, K6, SoapUI, or any other testing tool, Testkube can unlock all the capabilities of those tools that allow you to deliver code with confidence.

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