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Unlimited Potential in Automation

How I saved time and improved automation checks when I let myself dream

As a Quality Technical Lead I get to work with testers and help them writing code. I told them there is no limit to what automation can do and as long as you have a solid idea we can implement it.

Hello :wave: I work at a start up and you can imagine how many changes and releases we have weekly so I heavily rely on our automation to give me a quick feedback on the state of the system during regression testing while I can contribute to exploratory testing.

When I got hired I got to learn new language and framework. As I was submerging myself into the world of TypeScript and Playwright I also started to realize that our automation framework and checks can be improved along with some processes being automated. I immediately started moving things around and made code DRY. But some things still could be improved which I could not see...

One day while writing another set of assertions for one of the API checks I thought that It would be great if automation could do it for me. And if I let myself think "well, everybody writes them like this" I would not come up with a function which actually creates them for me. You will definitely see this function during my talk along with other useful tips and ideas I have come up with when I let myself question things in those "what if..." moments.

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