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Today's Special: Testing as a Service

Speaking in terms of software development, we can think of Front End libraries, backend services, mobile applications, and so on. This time we will talk about developing the test itself as a service.

Problem: Software testing is becoming more challenging every day. Along with the technical requirements, we have to cope with a very dynamic way of development and an intense scope to be handled in a limited time. While several teams or groups are trying to cope with these challenges, we observe: There is no standard among these teams. Each is following a different approach/strategy Some of them are struggling with problems, which were solved by others. Inefficiency due to duplication.

Solution: To remove the imbalance, support those who are struggling with the problems that were solved by others, and ensure the code quality in all test frameworks used by several teams, we come up with the centralized test framework development idea. The motivation was to develop a framework in which the most common problems were handled and serve the teams.

For this purpose, we have executed several steps starting from the collection of the most common difficulties. In this way, we figured out which problems we should target. Then we designed the architecture to solve those problems and started our implementation.

Some of the things to consider when developing a testing service are:

* Test runner

* Parallelization (in local and remote, in spec and test levels)

* Retries (in test and failing requests level)

* Test reporter (Test level isolated execution details)

* Config management (Execution parameters)

* Execution Metrics collection

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