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Thrusting trust: A skin-deep Whole-team approach

Unlock "Co-confidence" in Agile teams for genuine Whole-Team Approach (WhTA); embrace problems as shared responsibilities, building trust and collaboration while preventing siloed thinking.

A Whole-Team Approach (WhTA) is one of the essential mindsets in modern agile development. However, we know there are teams where some engineers and scrum masters believe they are achieving WhTA, but the rest of them only skin-deeply agree and have given up on achieving WhTA. A cause of such skin-deep WhTA teams Thrusting trust.

Old-fashioned project managers, ambitious scrum masters who want to achieve results, and selfish cutting-edge engineers who want to apply modern practices. What do real WhTA teams need most? We believe it is "Co-confidence." “Co-confidence” describes the team that everyone is thinking about the problem as if it were their own, and that there is a sense of trust that others will do the same. “Co-confidence” empowers team members to grasp that every issue is their own and avoids a culture of throwing everything over the wall.

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