The QA Relay Race is ON!

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True progress in any field is a Relay Race and not a single event.

Get ready for a game-changing strategy that will transform your team's pain points into success stories, by leveraging on the collaboration between the Alumni, the current team members, and yourself.

During my professional Basketball career, to prepare well for a game, we used to watch on video tapes our previous games, spot our mistakes, acknowledge them, and set an action plan to avoid the recurrence. Then comes the study of our opponent, and the best way to play against them, which includes the strategy, tactics, and others. Always put your focus on the areas for improvement, it is the main field to succeed and grow; This was one of the main transferable skills I grabbed from the Basketball court into my professional work career.

Last year, while working at Murex, the number 1 provider of front-to-back-to-risk solutions for capital markets, a company with 35 years of experience, with more than 2700 employees from over 60 countries, I was asked among the QA department of 130+ testers, to take the QA Operational Manager role of a challenging QA team on all aspects. The team' metrics didn’t look so good, the features' testing backlog was sky-rocketing, however, I accepted the challenge; I’ve always been asked by the coach to guard the top scoring player in the opponent teams. Before stepping into the court, I decided to watch the video tapes. In addition to the team members' feedback, I went the extra mile and asked the people who previously worked in the team about the main impediments they struggled with. The "Alumni" is a source of drive, I was determined to use it wisely: The list was exhaustive and diverse, from learning needs to motivational issues: knowledge gap in specific testing tools, several manual operations that could be automated, lack of communication with the product management team and developers, and the list goes on and on...

The journey started from there, and "I Took That Personally", as Michael Jordan said in "The Last Dance" Netflix documentary. Successful team development isn't a Race. It's a Relay. Join me in my session, where I will take you through our QA Relay Race journey, detailing how this constructive social feedback and collaboration with the previous and current team members, ended up in improving our software quality assurance activities, boosting the team members' learning and motivation, decreasing the features' testing backlog to 0, and to finally adopting some of our team's initiatives by all the 130+ QA department.

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