Conf in a Conf Session

The Psychology of Change

Providing a looking glass into the human brain and psyche when they are subjected to change

“In Agile, we embrace change.” This is something an Agile Coach might say when talking about their line of work. They might be envisioning change for the good of an organization or the groups of individuals within. A lofty and motivating goal for sure...

However, to the individuals subjected to change, this is another story entirely. One that is often filled with stress, negativity, and an overall feeling of resistance. Why is this? Why is acting on change so hard for some people and easy for others? What makes us embrace change one moment and hate it the next? What causes the resistance we feel from being subjected to change?

This session provides insights into these questions by examining the biochemistry of the human brain and by looking at the fields of psychology and psychotherapy to provide answers on how we can bring ourselves and others to be more open to change.

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