Conf in a Conf Session

The art of asking (better) questions

We ask many questions every day - especially as QAs. Learning how to ask better questions and ask questions better means getting more relevant information and improving critical thinking.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to get information from another person, but you can't figure out how to ask the right question? Or maybe you thought you asked the right question, but the person asked responded by talking about a different topic altogether? Have you ever hit a mental block when trying to figure something out?

These are all situations where you can benefit from asking better questions and asking questions better. Asking questions helps us to obtain the information we need to make informed decisions, solve problems, and understand the world around us. By asking the right questions, we can clarify our thinking, identify gaps in our knowledge, and explore new ideas. It also enables us to communicate effectively with others and build deeper connections.

In this talk, I will give you enough basic information (and hopefully inspiration) to start turning the art of inquiry into your superpower.

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