Remote Leadership - Be a health manager for your team

Remote work is here to stay. It offers plenty of benefits but also drawbacks, especially for your health including your mental health.

I bet you all remember the exact day in March 2020, when most of us have been sent home due to the global pandemic. We all thought this might be over in 4-8 weeks and we enjoyed the new freedom and flexibility of working from home.

Now 3 years later, remote work in the IT industry is the new standard and is here to stay. Working in a remote setup as many benefits and is a booster for your work life balance.

However, working remote in your home office has also many drawbacks, especially in the direction for your health including the mental health. In this talk I want to share my experience in being a remote team leader and head of testing of a whole department. I will share tips and tricks in what you as a team member but also as a team leader should do to keep everyone motivated, engaged and to keep an eye on your health.