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Project handover from Hades

Case studies that will help you go smoother with your future project handovers brought to you with a little bit of video game magic!

In ancient Greek mythology, the final destination of one's life is Hades. To get there, every mortal needs to go through a special ritual that involves paying a coin to the ferryman, which would allow them to travel through the river of Styx. Otherwise, they will not be able to reach their end goal.

If we use the same analogy to the life cycle of our development projects, our ritual of travel through the river of Styx would be then called the project handover. In a best-case scenario in the project handover process, your team will leave all their worldly possessions (regarding project deliverables) and go through a safe passage. In the worst case, they will be stuck at project handover hell! Here you will find chaos, frustrated customers, unhappy team members, and a backlog of tasks that need to be done before an unmovable deadline.

I will discuss a few case studies of project handovers that I was a part of. I will tackle this topic from common pitfalls and good practices that you can apply in this process. Additionally, I will speak about how your organization should be involved in all of this to make everything as smooth as possible.

Speaking of running from hell. I will use the example of Zagreus, the protagonist from the video game Hades. His tale of trying to escape the depths of the underworld of Hades and references to Greek mythology will fit right in with my presentation.

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