Pepe's Bar Live - The Talk Show

You might have seen already some episodes of the video podcast "Pepe's Bar". In this format, José Díaz a.k.a Pepe interviews people from the agile and testing business. The focus of this interview podcast is less on testing or agile, it is more focused on the human side and to get to know better the interviewed person. You can check out all 13 (so far) episodes here: Pepe's Bar - YouTube Playlist

With "Pepe's Bar Live - The Talk Show" - we bring together 3 guests at once to talk about important tech related topics with the focus on the human side. Pepe will not debate about Test Automation or Tools, he is here to highlight topics in the tech business that are trending, or topics that should get attention, or topics we never should stop talking about.

The guests will be Vera Baum the CEO of QualityMinds, Jutta Eckstein known for her progressive thoughts on Sustainability and Dennie Declercq a Belguim Tester diagnosed with Autism.

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