Conf in a Conf Session

"Out of sight, out of mind", or Quality by Feedback

Testing is cool, automation is cooler, and CI/CD is amazing, BUT, is your product and processes being fed with strong feedback loops to make your Quality evolve meaningfully through time?

Generally speaking, the goal of any company building software out there is to make a profit. Usually, this profit increases based on our ability to reach final users with changes/updates/innovations as soon as possible, with as much quality as possible. And again, generally speaking, we know how to do that. We now use code repositories, agile methodologies, automation frameworks, project management tools, and modern delivery techniques like CI/CD. We are fast (or, we know how we could be fast). Quality is also quite similar in terms of growth. The dev community has developed a quite strong sentiment of Quality first, perfectioning testing strategies, test automation, testability, … you name it. That said, the focus is too strong sometimes in how we do things, missing the why we do them. In this presentation we will talk about the feedback mechanisms that could enable better understanding of internal and external Quality needs. We strongly believe that the key to proper Quality starts from having visibility about all the moving parts of a software project. TLDR: Build fast, fail fast. But make sure you understand why it failed ;)

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