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Mastering Broken Window Theory in Software Development

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Revisit the basic theory as you may or may not know

Broken Window Theory is well-known, but do we realize what the theory means in software development? How to utilize the discussion especially to cultivate good quality culture? Let’s dive together!

In this session, we will explore what “Broken Window Theory” is and why it matters in our work. “Broken Window” is not a big issue, but should not be missed unintentionally, because it may cause more serious problems in the future. As the real example, it will be shown first how my scrum team defines “Broken Window” and deals with it. Yes, you can define and customize the term for your situation. Based on the example, we will dive deeper what is the theory originally and how to have been utilized and discussed in software development.

By the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding of how to apply the “Broken Window Theory” to their own team practices and develop a good quality culture.

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