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Low Code and No Code Test Automation

Agile or fragile?

There are an ever increasing number of low/no code test automation tools being marketed. Experience tells us that, as well as supposed benefits, this approach can come with significant challenges.

With the increasing demand for faster software delivery, low code and no code solutions have emerged as viable options for testing applications without requiring extensive programming or scripting knowledge.

This talk will delve into the potential benefits of these solutions, such as increased productivity, faster time to release, and reduced testing costs. Low code and no code testing solutions also come with pitfalls that must be considered before implementation. These may include limited functionality, vendor lock-in, and a shortage of testers with the necessary skills.

We'll also examine how AI, often used as a sales technique, might not be able to overcome these challenges effectively. By discussing both the advantages and challenges, attendees will gain a better understanding of when and how to best incorporate low code and no code testing solutions into their quality processes.

Additionally, this talk will describe how agile methodologies and low code/no code technologies can work effectively together. Overall, this talk aims to provide a comprehensive overview of low code/no code approaches from an agile perspective, while also providing practical guidance for incorporating these solutions into your projects.

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