Integration-, Snapshot- and Performance-Testing APIs

An overview of Postman’s Free Testing Templates and how to automagically generate test cases 🪄

Postman can be used for all kind of testing approaches including integration, snapshot and performance tests

Postman is used by millions of developers and testers to discover, design, document, test and monitor APIs. Apart from the more than 300,000 APIs to explore openly on Postman, the Postman API network also contains free to use collection templates that cover the best examples we have seen around testing, security, infrastructure and developer workflow automation across various industries.

In this talk, we will give a short overview of the available collection templates and then give concrete live demos on how to use the API performance-, snapshot- and integration testing examples. Last but not least, we will provide a magical example of how test cases can be created automatically, just based on the responses of your API endpoints and postbot - our AI based helper.

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