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Ingredients of a (good) Tester

Can a great software tester be defined by typical characteristics? Using empirical data, we explore the age-old question: "What are potential ingredients of a (good) tester?"

If someone, not familiar with IT, asked me, "What do you do for a living?" my very blunt answer would be: "Other people build software, my job is to find bugs in it. If I find them, I'm doing a good job. If I don't find any, either I'm not doing my job well or the developer is doing his job exceptionally well". This raises the question of whether this statement is true or not. If not, what are the characteristics of a (good) tester?

In this talk, I'll be sharing the results of a survey I conducted on the key qualities that make a great tester. We'll delve into typical tester traits, such as continuous improvement and explore their significance and relevance for the testing process. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of fundamental tester traits, as well as a clearer appreciation of the importance of testers in software development.

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