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From QA to DevOps Quality: Nordea's Journey

How to rethink Quality to support enterprise DevOps in large scale technology organisations: DevQualOps

Embracing DevOps requires to expand the traditional scope of the QA function to orchestrate Quality throughout the SDLC

As part of Nordea’s continuous transformation towards the DevOps ideal, we want to share how our Technology Quality function has evolved to become an enabler of our journey. We do so hoping to help many large-scale, non-digital-native organisations facing the same challenges we faced, showing our way as a tale of universal principles and context-specific practices, transferable to other cases.

Our story starts with a solid, 1,000+ strong Quality Assurance & Testing unit that supports a 10,000+ Technology organisation. The journey towards DevOps led us to challenge our own existence as a capability: why not just decentralise fully into delivery teams? Sure quality is a joint responsibility...

In our quest, we identified a set of principles for quality in large-scale DevOps, and from these we have derived 4 main pillars for a modern approach to quality. Some are standard, some are traditionally outside the scope of QA, but all are needed in an integral framework to talk quality at all steps of the DevOps cycle:

- Quality Engineering: let’s build it right!

- Quality Assurance: did we build it right?

- Quality Experience: did we build the right thing? Is it still the right thing?

- Quality Assistance: let me help you build it right

Each pillar contains a set of services, capabilities, practices that delivery teams should adopt to enhance the quality of their products but even more the quality of their delivery process. This talk is for these teams and for the managers that should create the context for them to thrive.

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