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Experiences in Risk Management

Risk Management from Identification to Mitigation

I want to present my experiences with risks in relation to risk based testing and show a lean approach applicable in all lifecycle models

Risk is a very important concept in testing. However, despite all the attention given to it in books, trainings, and the like, it remains a rather abstract concept for most of us. Applying a Risk-based test approach is often proposed in test plans and/or test strategy documents but such an approach is often limited to identifying risks and determining which parts or components need the most thorough test approach. Mitigating these risks, and especially showing some ‘proof’ of this mitigation turns out to be a more difficult exercise.

In this presentation I want to share my experiences and learnings with risk management from several recent projects. All phases of the process, i.e. identification, analysis and control will be explained with examples and experiences and special attention will be given to the visualization of both the risks themselves and the mitigation actions and results. With this I want to offer you some ideas to define your own way of dealing with Risk Management and Risk Reporting

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