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Engineering Productivity via Metrics

Introduction to metrics, frameworks, measurement, choosing, implementing and a case study that delves into a subset of metrics across 3 engineering squads.

Engineering productivity and developer happiness are key concepts for technology firms. The talk delves into metrics, frameworks, measuring, and case studies to deep-dive into this problem space.

Even at a startup, Engineering teams can grow quickly, with a proliferation of tools, teams. processes, agile methodologies, meetings, interviews and so on. How does one begin to think about getting a pulse on how the teams are performing, how code is being delivered, what are the obstacles that developers are facing? Where do you start?

We addressed the problem by taking a stock of all things in flight, starting to think about how to even begin assigning metrics to seemingly intangible things like developer happiness and related obstacles. Having one source of truth for all these metrics, not only made our lives easier, but also to the developers, where they could see clearly what was working and what wasn't.

Quality and quick reviews, focus and friction time. work in progress for developers, having a handle on CI/CD metrics and surfacing other metrics from the Engineering Efficiency team help us move the needle. Putting this data in the hands of the developers helped crowd source other areas of improvement that they themselves came up with. The key learnings from this presentation would include, appreciating the problem space, practical metrics that would resonate with their developers, and how to have measurable success in an area that can be hard to solution - Engineering Productivity

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