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Things to know as a junior leader that no one tells you in advance

The first days and weeks in a new job can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. I was experiencing exactly these feelings when I started the adventure to become the team lead of a test team. Although, I wanted the change and worked hard for it. More than once I have asked myself if I have made the right decision for my career and above all for myself. Am I ready to master the challenges to come? As seasoned as I am as a tester, I am a junior when it comes to leading a team.

In my talk I will go through the ups and downs I have experienced. From the perspective of a junior leader, I will talk about the facts that no one told me in advance. I will cover some aspects a prospective leader should know before deciding to take on such a role. Unlike me, I want you to be prepared for daylight saving time and not have to deal with a messy team schedule after the time change at the weekend. As well as many other things I would have loved to know in the beginning.

If you want to know more about the challenges a junior test lead faces. For example, how I protect my calendar to allow myself a decent cup of tea on a hectic day. A quick break that helps me sort out my thoughts and plan the tasks and interactions ahead. I would be glad if you would join my talk.

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